A singularity of line, wrote Oscar Wilde, fusing the power, strength and beauty line, is a mandate of effective industrial design.  “A little rebellion, now and then, is a good thing,” wrote the father of the American Way, President Thomas Jefferson, “as necessary in the political world as storms in the physical.”  We believe the cornerstone of his way, non-materialism, detonates what Albert Camus describes as the cornerstone of rebellion, superabundant energy. Thusly, to saddle, spark and cane the purest most undiluted American rebellion (i.e. the motorcycle as rebellion) has informed our 21 year body of work.

Logically, the singularity of line on two wheels is the world’s best motorcycle drag race architecture.  The stiffest, most fatigue resistant chassis and powertrain architecture it is possible to design and perfectly handcraft is specified to be machined and/or tig fabricated from the finest solid stock billet materials stripped of every ounce of weight without compromising the core value of absolute structural holistic permanence.  The uber-coolness of minimalism is fused with the yang hotness of primitivism in a raw harmonious muscularity that screams not status or material lust, but 100% supreme confidence.  Dark negative spatial energy, symbolizing the existential rebellion of humilities defeat of pride, informed by Caravaggism illuminates “letting go”, the cornerstone of principled individualism.

Piloting this aesthetic expression of undiluted American rebellion, you float within the epicenter of what, in order to be motoring veritas, must ride like rebellion itself.  Your thoroughbred motorcycle is entirely and completely obedient, smooth and effortless to command.  Imagine a distillation of yourself and your machine aging with continuous grace over infinite generations, everlasting.

This holistic contextual man-machine interface is the hoped for result of our ideologically and philosophically inspired approach.

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