Brutal, minimal, and built to last, reveal, and transform.

Fresh superabundant energy, force and power is breathed into the world's rebel motoring culture, as envisioned and created, one machine at a time, by the fiercely independent hot rod giants upon whose shoulders we so proudly stand.

As a salute to those gentlemen we so greatly revere, we are honored to offer the most primal example of raw American Power it is possible to create.


Like its hugely successful predecessor, the Combat Fighter is inspired by the 1960's rebel, anti-hero and the stripped, raw, chopper he rode. This second-generation Combat Fighter rides on our brand new CX4 architechture, a lighter, tougher evolution of our class leading, patented, drag racing derived powertrain and powertrain mounting system.

This exercise in muscle bike purity is built entirely of the 6061 aerospace billet aluminum, right down to the unitized engine block and heads. Overbuilt machined fuselage plates located by machined bulkheads form a brilliant porprietary monocoque that is the stiffest, most fatigue-resistant and lightest chassis capable of housing the greatest amount of torque as a percentage of weight ever achieved in all of motordom. No expense was spared in the design and creative process, adhering to Confederate's mandate of only developing the best and finest achievable.

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There exists both beauty and brutality in the P51 Combat Fighter aesthetic and the way it rides you. It is the metaphor for American rebellion.

This magnificent machine hit 164.93 mph on very slippery salt at Bonneville this year. This co-efficiency of Drag Limited Performance is proof of concept that the 61 P51 Confederate Combat Fighters are destined for future glory, as the optimized bookend to an era that will soon be "Gone With The Wind."

The P51 Combat Fighter is the world’s first and only vehicle to be carved entirely from solid billet blocks of military-grade aluminum,
resulting in the most robust, fatique-resistant motorcycle it is possible to create.

Engine: 132 cubic inch (2,163cc) 56-degree air cooled V-twin

Power: 145 bhp at 5,100 rpm

Torque: 160 ft-lb at 2,000 rpm

Chassis: Machined aluminum monocoque, massive
7 in.backbone containing fuel load

Top Speed: Over 160mph

Suspension: Double wishbone, monoshock front suspension, cantilever monoshock rear suspension, fully adjustable

Dimensions: 62.5 in. wheelbase, 29.5 in. seat height, 560 lb (wet)

Wheels: 19 in. carbon front wheel, 17 in. carbon disc rear wheel

Tires: 120/70ZR19 front, 240/45ZR17 rear

Fuel Capacity: 3.75 US gallons/16.25 litres



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