With the X132 Hellcat, we set out to build the toughest motorcycle ever made. This mandated absolute chassis and
powertrain rigidity along with maximum resistance to core fatigue. To do this, we developed a new unitized powertrain
casing, which is precision carved from a 400 pound block of 6061 aircraft grade aluminum. The result is superior structural
integrity, weighing in at only 40 pounds. Within the new casing lives a big-boned, large diameter chassis/powertrain
mounting system, informed by twenty one years of Hellcat design.  A strategic partnership between S&S Cycle and our team
has yielded a new motor providing maximum off-idle broadband torque delivery. To deploy such massive low RPM torque, we
fuse our patented powertrain system to the new motor.  This proven drag racing-derived system is designed, specified and built
to maintain perfect crankshaft to output shaft alignment irrespective of the suddenness or the volume of torque application.
From these core architectural elements flows a Hellcat that we believe is the toughest motorcycle ever made.






We believe in absolute transparency.  This means that we focus 100% of our design moxie on industrial and mechanical truth, not on contrived plastic or chrome pieces that simply mask the core of a machine.  We believe contrivance in motorcycle design is fundamentally insincere.  One doesn’t have to look far to find companies whose brand identity is largely a component of some conjured, cheaply derived coverage system.  Principled lean design showcases the best effort of the craftsman.  We challenge each component to serve as many functions as it can.  The result is a remarkably elegant machine whose form is dictated by function.





For us, fast means immediate, effortless, prodigious torque available just off idle. This power must be
capable of pushing tall gearing over an extremely broad RPM range.  To achieve this mission, we formed
a strategic partnership with S&S Cycle to design, engineer, and build a new unitized V-Twin power plant.
The result of this partnership has yielded the X132 Copperhead Motor. The X132 Copperhead represents a
new pinnacle for powertrain performance and durability. With this new motor, we proudly offer you the
world’s first street legal cannon.




An honest machine expresses authenticity. Actual passion, real romance, unconditional love, and genuine emotion live within the vital essence of an honest machine. Many men and women have poured their hearts into the challenge of making the Confederate Hellcat series of machines iconic and sustainable. The inspiration and ideas behind this effort have never changed in our twenty one year history. The machine initiates a return to true to concept American Way industrial and mechanical design.

The Hellcat name is derived from the F6F Hellcat fighter planes that beat back the Zeros in the Pacific Theatre of World War II. The Hellcat is inspired by history’s rebel anti-establishmentarian artists, Caravaggism, Realism, Constructivism, Minimalism, Primitivism, and Bauhaus School scrupulous clarity. The Hellcat aesthetic communicates purity, understatement, and progressivism. The machine is lean, skeletal, and transparent. It is a showcase for the individualist craftsman’s sacred vow: Never compromise truth and take away nothing. This vow illuminates limitless effort committed to the highest form of handmade craftsmanship.

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