X132 Hellcat – First Ride

Next up: Production

Confederate X132 Hellcat EnginesWhile it’s been a quiet month here on the Development Room, we’ve been hard at work gearing up for production of the new X132 Hellcat.  Our CNC machines are being fed a steady diet of billet aluminum, our part bins are brimming, and the first four production engines are poised for their debut.  Next week we’ll be officially unveiling the new bike, so be sure to stay close.
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Industrial Strength

Ed puts the final touches on the next Hellcat swingarm before removing it from its jig.

Just around the corner…

Confederate X132 Hellcat Motorcycle Steel BackbonesProduction of our third generation Hellcat is just around the corner, as signaled by the delivery of steel backbones for the first twenty production machines.   read more »

Mechanical Muscle

Confederate X132 Hellcat Motorcycle Engine and Frame

Hellcat Powerplant

Confederate X132 Hellcat Motorcycle Engine

In the Jig: Final Prototype Frame

Confederate X132 Hellcat FrameThe steel frame for the final X132 Hellcat prototype is cools in its jig.

Welded K Connection

Confederate X132 Hellcat Motorcycle Frame

22.8 lbs.

Confederate X132 Hellcat Motorcycle Front Wheel, Tire, BrakesWeighing in at only 22.8 lbs., the X132 Hellcat’s front wheel and tire assembly minimizes rotating unsprung weight to maximize performance and agility. read more »

Work Begins on the Final Hellcat Prototype

Confederate X132 Hellcat Motorcycle Frame WeldingAfter testing and validating the first batch of prototypes, we have begun fabricating the final X132 Hellcat prototype.   read more »