Inspiring a Fusion of Primitivism, Avant Gardism & Minimalism: Orion

Rebel Theory in Action

Never compromise passion, intensity, time or money.

Create through deep, considered, actual individual emotion.

Perfect a balance of technology and the primitive.

Invest absolute faith.


Maximize and evolve individual craftsmanship.

Relish the challenge.

Persist eternally.

The American Way

Dwell in the creative process.

Specify only the finest materials, components and methodologies.

De-emphasize volume.  Promote heirloom quality.

Treasure American hand-craftsmanship.

Create a fresh, holistic, American industrial and mechanical design culture.

No take away.


Inspiring a Fusion of Primitivism, Avant Gardism & Minimalism

The way of the American Rebel mandates “a core as solid, strong, and permanent as the best made bank vault.”  This vow we hold sacred.  We have created approximately 1,000 motorcycles hand-crafted upon three such unique proprietary architectural designs.  Orion is our fourth architecture.  Pierre’s vision is to optimize the hewn from billet, Confederate patented, unitized powertrain cases to do more with less.  His virtually frameless design provides greater torsion and bend rigidity, superior ergonomics, significant weight reduction, and a more transparent clarifying aesthetic.

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