The Hellcat is not targeted at a market.  It is the void, an empty vessel.  From this quiet state, materialism is laid to rest, judgment of others is diffused, self illumination is clarified and supreme inner confidence of cause and purpose is made knowable.

The soul of the machine, the massive flywheels at the vertical and horizontal perpendicular axis, is housed within a shrine specified and carved from the finest materials for the purpose, crafted to preserve this  most vital life force in its most desirable state, permanently.  This soul, no bigger than a couple of salad plates, accounts for over 10% of the weight of the entire machine.  Under all foreseeable owner intentions and circumstances front and rear axles maintain perfect parallelism relative to each other and perfect perpendicularity relative to the center  of the motorcycle, accomplished using the most transparent and minimalist approach, paying homage to the singularity of line designed into all the greatest American drag race motorcycles that have come before.




The answer to Kennedy’s query lives in the dark energy of negative space, between the torso and the rear limb of the beast, leaving the vital epicenter of motoring veritas, the floating perch, from which you experience the ultimate distillation of man and machine.  The belief is that each pulse of the massive hand-balanced flywheels will result in a deeper and more connected interface with what is and what can be.  This belief fuels our hope that each owner will determine to live with his motorcycle from now on, as something to grow old with.

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