Never compromise passion, intensity, time or money. Treasure American hand-craftmanship. Invest absolute faith. Relish the challenge. Persist eternally. No takeaway.


Dwell in the creative process. Create a fresh holistic American industrial and mechanical design culture. Specify only the finest materials, components, and methodologies. Create through deep, considered, actual individual emotion. Perfect a balance of technology and the primitive. Overbuild.

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Twenty five years ago a relentless romantic passion for the American Way inspired the formation of Confederate Motorcycles.


To lead the world in craftmanship requires leading the world in design - the best of which is inspired by the American Way. The father of the American Way, Thomas Jefferson, taught us that individualism, not collectivism, was the morally centered approach to principled design.

The importance of the American Way relative to American industrial design is impossible to overemphasize. It is America true to concept. It is Western civilization at its zenith. It is bottom-up, non-materialist principled individualism nurturing diverse actualized creativity.

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CRAFTSMANSHIP: If you are passionate to the point of being completely consumed with what you do, you will create pure things that are completely, wholly authentic and beautiful. We are passionate about what we do.

Confederate P51 Fighter Combat EXP2 and B120 Wraith Motorcycles
Confederate P51 Fighter Combat EXP2 and B120 Wraith Motorcycles


Excellence in design depends on complete, unflinching honesty. Honesty to yourself and to what you create is the very nature of being alive. There is a skeletal beauty in being completely and wholly honest. We have nothing to hide. Neither do our bikes.

The creation of pure, unfiltered, honest industrial and mechanical design is our purpose and our promise. Each machine communicates directly with the man so fortunate to experience it. It is the embodiment of authenticity, integrity and virtue. It serves up the road, the journey, with no fluff, no contrivance. In motion, from grip to peg to saddle, the accuracy, precision, and look-you-dead-and-unflinching-in-the-eye quality communicate the travelled road directly in a no-nonsense manner.


Introducing the Combat 61 Collection.


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