Fierce individualism mandates the toughest fight you will ever fight and must keep fighting, the fight to be no one but yourself.

The American Way declares this internal and external war against materialism.
Toughness is key.







Non-materialism is the cornerstone of the American Way culture and society.  The liberation of the ‘actual you’ mandates contempt
for personal ingratiation.  This liberation bestows supreme confidence upon we Americans, unlocking exceptionalism, which we
are determined to nurture.  Noise free leanness is implied.


Scale organically attacks the unique and the colloquial, robbing personality and color, which are only derived from the bottom-up.
Those positioned to assume top-down command and control are subject to irresistible forces and temptations.  The resolution to this
complication is small private ownership of the means of production.  For the small to defeat the large, there must exist speed.

A favorite Russian proverb declares “A man who has lost is worth ten of his former self.”  The ego spins pleasant fiction.  Humility
diffuses such noise and bias.  From such quiet the faint yet resonant voice of undiluted hard truth is laid bare.

“The fountainhead of rebellion is super abundant energy,” said Albert Camus.  Our favorite automobile designer, Virgil Exner said “she must ride like she looks.”

What does pure rebellion look and ride like?  A Hellcat owner once shared that, “it’s like riding a Rhino.”  To this most ingenious turn of phrase we add, “trained as a ballerina.”

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