X132 Hellcat News


“The X132 is a Motorcycle, capital M… It rips, snorts, lurches and lopes, and as the pilot, you need to shut up, pay attention and hold on.”
Cycle World – Cover Story
July 2012 – On Newsstands Now

“Think of the Hellcat as having a design more similar to a race-track-ready, unibody Porsche 911 than a body-on-frame Ford F150…”
Robb Report – Best of the Best 2012
June 2012 – On Newsstands Now

“Lean, minimal, and beautifully executed, the Hellcat offers a visually and viscerally heady way to get from points A to B.”
Motorcyclist – Prototype First Ride
July 2012 – On Newsstands Now

“Post-apocalyptic styling for the canyon carving set…”
Popular Mechanics – Proving Ground
April 2012

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